Summer Camps and Other Special Training Events

Training in Assiniboine Park

During the months of July and August, Saturday classes will be held in the park, weather permitting. Children and adult karate-ka will receive advance notice of times and locations. Our first training class in Assiniboine Park will be on Saturday, July 7th 2018.

Weekend Gasshuku/Karate Camp

This will be an intensive weekend training session and Dojo community event. It will combine camping, with several interesting and challenging daily training sessions. The date and location will be announced later in the year. There is no cost for this, other than your camping fees.

International Meibukan Gojyu Karate Association Training Camps and Tournaments

Throughout the year, the International Meibukan Gojyu Karate Association and affiliated Dojo’s host a number of training camps and tournaments. Students will be advised of these events, as information becomes available.

Meibukan Gojyu Karate Camp

Meibukan Gojyu Karate Manitoba and Saskatchewan dojo karate camp St. Malo Provincial Park.

Dai Sensei Meitoku Yagi

Meibukan Gojyu Karate, Winnipeg and St. Vital dojo demo at the historic Winnipeg Forks.